I'm Abby

hey love,

I'm Abby - Business and Marketing Coach, Strategist, and your new biggest hype woman! I'm a Leo, INFJ, and Projector 5/1 in Human Design.

 I'm committed to helping female entrepreneurs create HUGE impact, income and freedom, in a way that is authentic and totally aligned. I have a combined 8+ years in Marketing and Customer Experience, and 2+ years scaling my own business. 

I'm obsessed with: travelling, margaritas, oat milk lattes, Taylor Swift, good food, oversized jumpers, Formula 1, dogs, and podcasts.

If there's one thing that running a business has taught me, it's that you should always follow your gut. Your intuition and desires are an internal compass to your fulfillment and happiness. So I'm here to help you scale a successful business YOUR WAY, to build a life that you're obsessed with!

I've always been ambitious and known I want to achieve big things. BUT the issue was, I never knew how that looked in terms of a career or job industry. I'm originally from the North of England, and moved to London after finishing my university degree. I worked in a variety of roles, from customer service and experience, to marketing and design.

In 2018, I completed my certification in Professional Marketing and bagged my dream promotion to Senior Marketing Executive.... yet I STILL felt like something was missing. I had a great job, good qualifications, and lived in an amazing city with the best partner - so why didn't I feel fulfilled? I'd never been able to shake the “there’s more than this” feeling while working in a corporate 9 to 5.

After what felt like some undeniable signs from the universe, I decided to take the plunge and finally do what felt right for me. Like that, my business was born, and I get to do what I love!

The most important parts of business for me are connection and alignment. That's why I believe your marketing and strategy should be impactful yet authentic, to attract the most dreamy clients, and feel AMAZING doing it.

My Story

The Journey So Far

Graduated university with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and still no idea what I wanted to do for a career.






Worked in a few different roles, from customer experience to marketing and design, while I discovered my main passion.

After a new qualification and 2 years in Marketing, I was promoted to Senior Marketing Exec, then covid hit. Realised I wanted to work for ME! Started my business as a Creative VA and left my job in October 2020.

A year of learning and growth. Followed my passions and feedback, niching down to Website Design, Marketing, and Business Strategy.

My best year yet! More growth, the dreamiest of clients, and finally feeling totally aligned in business - focusing on Marketing Strategy and Business Coaching!

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"Working with Abby has been incredible. Not only is she good at her craft, but she is also creative and a wonderful individual, I am always excited to collaborate. If you are looking for someone to help brand your business, Abby is it."

"Working with Abby has been incredible!"

Minal Sampat,  Speaker + Marketing Strategist